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China power industry IT application market development environment

Time: 2021-02-02 15:46 | Page Views: 4785

Electricity is a basic industry related to the national economy and people's livelihood,It is also a public utility related to millions of households,After years of development,Modern power production and management have been highly networked, systematic and automated characteristics,Information processing technology represented by network, database and computer automatic control technology has penetrated into every aspect of power production and management。

IT applications in China's power industry mainly include电网Dispatching automation system, power market technical support system, power marketing information system, distribution network automation, enterprise ERP, power engineering management system and intelligent testing system of generator set, etc。Computer and information network systems are widely used in electric power design, construction, production, operation, management, scientific research and other fields,Especially in the power grid dispatching automation, plant and station automatic control, management information system, power market technical support system, power marketing system, power load management, computer aided design, scientific calculation and education and training and other aspects have achieved good application results,It has obtained obvious social and economic benefits in safety production, energy saving and consumption reduction, cost reduction, construction period shortening and labor productivity improvement。

(A) industry policy environment and its impact on IT applications

Power industry is a technology and equipment intensive industry, its production and management mode determines its information development mode。China's electric power information started in the 1960s, the early is mainly used for power system calculation and power plants and power plantssubstationAutomatic monitoring, monitoring and other aspects。In the mid-1980s, information technology began to enter various application fields of power system, involving power grid dispatching automation, power load control, computer-aided design, computer simulation system, power plant management information system, electricity management and other aspects。Late 20th century,The power information technology is further developing in the direction of comprehensive application,It extends from control layer, operation layer and management layer to decision layer,The application of information technology in the power system has been previously unused development,Power enterprises at all levels have set up various information systems,Such as: Office automation (OA), production management system, equipment management system, fuel management system, power marketing and marketing system, power dispatch system, power transmission and distribution geographic information system, call center (CallCenter) and so on。

1. Informatization and electricity工业Chemical fusion

In the report of the 17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, IT was proposed to "comprehensively understand the new situation and new tasks of the in-depth development of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, marketization and internationalization", "develop the modern industrial system, and vigorously promote the integration of informatization and industrialization".。Informatization has become a prominent feature of today's era, and integrated development is the vitality of informatization, is the essential requirement of informatization。Informatization is a global development trend that will have a profound impact on human society。However, informatization does not exist independently, but is integrated in industrialization, urbanization, marketization, and internationalization, and provides strong support for the in-depth development of the "four modernizations"。The role of informatization is manifested in the service of all walks of life, and the integration of development with all walks of life。

In the power enterprises, after years of construction, the information infrastructure is relatively perfect, the equipment level of minicomputers and microcalculators is constantly updated and improved, and the proportion of staff in the main positions of the headquarters of the power companies is very high。Power production, dispatching automation systems, power marketing management systems have been widely used, and the construction of information institutions has been continuously improved。The construction, production and management of electric power enterprises have adopted information means to varying degrees, which provides guarantee and impetus for the more rapid development of enterprises。

At present, the power industry is facing a more complex competitive environment。The power enterprises improve their competitiveness by controlling production cost, improving the safety and reliability of power generation, adopting more advanced technology and equipment and more reasonable marketing process。At the same time, enterprises also try to strengthen their competitive advantages by improving and optimizing the system foundation, operating resources, technical status and organizational capacity。Therefore, how to further integrate informatization with the development, transmission, distribution, sales and other links in the industrial chain, as well as the investigation and design, equipment manufacturing, consulting services and other industries is a problem that must be considered in the IT application of the power industry。

The integration path of informatization and electric power industrialization,On the one hand,It is necessary to deepen the integration of information technology and management innovation capabilities,Cultivate and develop new management and operation models and information technology,It is helpful to improve the ability of management innovation,Make the production capacity of the enterprise to a greater extent;meanwhile,The innovation of management capability will also put higher requirements on information technology。The two promote each other and form a virtuous spiral of development。On the other hand, it is necessary to promote the integration of information technology and all aspects of the business process, and promote the integration of information technology and all aspects of the power enterprise, which is an important lever for the development of the power industry, which is not only conducive to playing an important role in guaranteeing the economic development of the power industry, but also conducive to accelerating the upgrading of its own industrial structure。While vigorously improving the business process of electric power enterprises, it will further increase the depth and breadth of the integration of all links of the electric power industry chain and information technology。
Under the guidance of the strategic concept of "driving industrialization by informatization and promoting informatization by industrialization", the informatization of China's power enterprises is developing rapidly。The informatization of electric power enterprises shows the following trends:

First, the concept of information technology has changed from emphasizing production automation to emphasizing management information technology, which is manifested as "hard" to "soft";

Second, the application mode changes from the separation of management and control to the integration of information, that is, the integration of production real-time information and management information;

Third, the application architecture has changed from decentralized application to integrated application, that is, from a single application at the department level to an overall application at the enterprise level covering production, marketing, finance, personnel, equipment and other links;

Fourth, data management is transformed from decentralized management to centralized management, forming a mechanism for information sharing and value-added;

Fifth, the system model changes from C/S architecture to B/S+C/S architecture to meet the requirements of fast and real-time business processing and operation of enterprises;

Sixth, the implementation mode is changed from the "user-supplier" mode to the "user-consultant/supervisor - supplier" mode to ensure that the enterprise informatization effectively starts from the needs of users and controls the quality and risk of informatization construction。